Hi fellow visitor! I am Emanuel Calvo, an IT professional focused on DataBase Operations at scale and currently working with Open Source technologies.

Mastered the Art of doing changes in production cool as a cucumber, probably I can be considered at least a Senior shit or something – it might be one of the reasons they offer me money for.

For professional contact, you can send a contact request or message through my LinkedIn Profile or email me at 3manuek [at] 3manuek [dot] com.

GitHub and Gitlab profiles.

As a previous and totally unrelated experience, I worked as Officer and had quit as Adjutor Principal after 8 years of serving, at the Federal Penitentiary Argentinian Force. I had being in charge in several institutions from medium to high security and instructor.

External publications

July 2nd, 2013: AWS - Postgres in AWS PostgreSQL running over EC2 instances with EBS/PIOPS storage. Minimum architecture, tips and advises.

Download AWS in Postgres from local


PostgreSQL 9.4 Associate Certification, EDB33986.

PostgreSQL 11 Professional Certification

DataScience Specialization, Coursera (80% completed):

Mongo M102 - MongoDB for DBAs (Completed Training Course and Exams - Score 100%)

Big Data, University of San Diego


  • ESBA - Developer Analyst

Current positions

Ongres Inc. (ex 8kdata) - Professional Services TechLead

Remote. New York/Madrid Since September 2017 as OnGres, previously working as Consultant in 8kdata

Architecture, Infrastructure and Database expert. Concerned in all the aspects and components in a Data Stack, in high end/traffic customers and platforms.

Database and SRE for fancy companies like Gitlab, BBM (Blackberry), Conrad Electronics and Postmates.

Highlighted projects:

  • BBM (Blackberry - Emtek - Google Cloud): Live migration from Oracle to full Patroni automated cluster, from a premise based environment to Google Cloud. PgBouncer-Consul-Postgres
  • Conrad (Google Cloud Partner): Full implementation of Patroni HA using etcd as consensus cluster, Load Balancing through Google iLB with API configuration with Patroni, and PgBouncer.
  • GitLab as part of the Database Reliability Team.
  • Postmates: Patroni Mult-project Terraform implementation
  • Postgres vs MongoDB 10k U$S automated benchmark, IaaC (Hashicorp echosystem, AWS provider based).
  • Google Cloud as Partner.


  • Infra and CD/CI: HCL (Terraform, Packer), Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker.
  • Databases: Postgres (and extensions), MySQL, Oracle (to migrate out wink, wink)
  • Languages: Python, Golang, bash
  • Main Cloud Providers: Google Cloud, AWS - Root and Data Engineer

El Rio de la Plata, Argentina September, 2016 - Current

Ayres is an analytics company, working on custom targeted problems of certain complexity. We do all in cloud, high privacy, company as a code.

Customers: iMedicare, Eloquentix.


  • Databases: ELK, ClickHouse, Redshift, Postgres (for analytics)
  • Languages: Python, R and Golang

Past Experience

Percona - Senior Technical Services Engineer [main position]

Buenos Aires, Argentina August 2016 - September 2017

Full description of the role here.

Remote DBA for MySQL and forks around several customers (Team Atlas).

Some highlighted customers: Hyperwallet, Fitbit, Lookout, Shipwire

8kData - Data External Advisor

Madrid, Spain January 2016 - September 2017

External technical advisor and consultant for Postgres and other related technologies.

UDE - Open Source Source Undergraduate Degree Associate Professor

La Plata, Argentina June 2016

Open Source Source Undergraduate Degree Associate Professor, PostgreSQL Database specialist.

Pythian - Technical Lead - ACTG (Advanced Consulting Team Group) Member

Ottawa, Canada January 2015 - June 2016

  • Support to Pythian’s External Profile.
  • Member of the Advanced Consulting Team Group (PostgreSQL).
  • Other Technologies: MySQL/MariaDB, xtraDB, Galera, Docker, Ansible, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Vertica, Oracle.
  • Part of the ACTG for PostgreSQL implementations, solutions and architecture.
  • Lead Database Consultant T73

Some highlighted customers: Microsoft, Beats (Apple), Adobe Echosign, Fitbit, Sendgrid, Mozilla Foundation, Zendesk, SendGrid.

2ndQuadrant - PostgreSQL Consultant

Buenos Aires, Argentina February 2014 - January 2015

  • PostgreSQL consultant, support and training.
  • Testing new features, debugging and code review.

BlackBird IT (ex-PalominoDB) - Database Operations - Professional Services

Las Vegas, NV September 2011 - February 2014

  • Primary DBA/Teach Lead of the PostgresXC databases.
  • MySQL-and-forks/PostgreSQL-and-Forks administration over several customers.
  • Considerable amount of experience running DDL/Query/Capacity/Server Reviews.
  • Technical writer (site is under “”):
  • Backups, Replication, HA, Monitoring, Trending, Health Reviews, DDL Reviews, percona toolkits and several Postgres tools.
  • Some other databases that I’m currently working with: MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis.
  • AWS experience. EC2, RDS, S3, LB, EBS, Redshift, DynamoDB, AWS API.
  • Open Stack Cloud experience.
  • Extensive experience on server reviews, workload tracing and SQL rewriting and tuning.
  • Scripting/development: Python, Perl , PL/pgsql and bash. In reverse order.

Some of the highlighted customers: Adobe Echosign, Fitbit, Zendesk, Chegg, SendGrid

Aedgency - MySQL/Oracle DBA

Barcelona, Spain November 2010 - March 2012

  • MySQL/Oracle database administration.
  • Query tuning and performance.
  • ETL integration between databases.
  • PL/SQL development.
  • Bash scripting.
  • Sphinx basic configuration, fixing and monitoring.

SIU - DBA & Database Production Consulting

Buenos Aires, Argentina July 2009 - July 2010

  • Provided traning and support to national universities (as UNLP, UNC, UNNE, UNNOBA, UNCU, UNPA, UNR, etc), support developers in DB modeling and administration of Postgresql-Informix-Mysql databases.
  • Data Architect tasks and server revisions. Planning migrations and future strategies to board new releases.
  • Coordinated teams for database support to enhance the compliant between apps of SIU.
  • Developing the production and pre-prod following plan for all the SIU apps. Server metrics and other stuff for high performance servers.

Globant - SysAdmin Linux - EA

Buenos Aires, Argentina February 2009 - July 2009

  • SysAdmin Unix at EA (Electronic Arts) Hydra - GOP project.
  • Maintained platform consisted in Oracle database 10, Apaches and Tomcats (VAP, VCM) Clustered, with several stages of deploy.
  • Main tasks were relate to deploys, environment configuration, VMWare Infraestructure Client maintenance and monitoring.
  • I did Mysql DBA tasks on Prod, Pre-Production and Development Servers for a Forums project. Fixing some character set problems and DDL, backups, restores, check, performance and others.
  • Basic knowledge on deployment / process with Maven - Ant - Hudson.
  • Assigned 50% to another project to provide Engineering Support at EA over Python scripting.

Correo Argentino - SysAdmin senior Linux and PostgreSQL

Monte Grande, Argentina August 2008 - February 2009

  • I managed production platform at Correo Argentino (over 400 terms with local databases and Linux enviroment).
  • Some machines was enlaced with a AD throw WinBind.
  • Created an improved deploy tool for scripts, database recovery, control and monitoring, etc.
  • Also managed servers over Centos 5 for the support area’s knowledge-base application (7 DB MySQL 5.1)

Siemens - PHP developer

Monte Grande, Argentina January - August 2008

Admitel Platform developer. Consists in PHP + (Javascript, Ajax, x/Html, xml) - Oracle 8i. Some of the ‘extra’ task was made some Perl scripts for support area.

Huenei - Application Support

Monte Grande , Argentina October 2007 - January 2008

  • Terminal administration in W/NT and 2K remote servers. Configuration, control, monitoring. Attend Remedy tickets for fix problems and others.
  • The application was in Paradox and Oracle databases, in which my tasks consisted in repair tables, fix some wrong data and others.
  • Bug reporting and detection.
  • MOSAIC debugging and support.
  • Customer Correo Argentino / Siemens.

Customers History

As a consultant, I provided independent database consulting services for the following companies (in non-particular order). Thanks to every customer that trusted in me!

  • iMedicare (USA)
  • Eloquentix (USA)
  • Ericsson/EDB (USA)
  • Pic-pic (USA)
  • PFA (Argentina)
  • Autofarma (Arg)
  • VSTour (Arg)
  • Jampp (Arg/USA)
  • Cyclelogic (Arg)
  • Avalon Informática (Madrid)
  • Init (País Vasco)
  • Scienza (Argentina)
  • Syscope (Argentina)
  • Mexane (Argentina)
  • Contenta Mobile (Argentina)
  • Slots Machines (San Luis, Argentina)
  • TreeLogic (Asturias)
  • BTS (Usa - Zaragoza)
  • (Madrid)
  • Pampa Business Solutions - Telecentro (Argentina)
  • Sindicato de Pasteleros y afines (Arg)
  • 8kdata (Spain, Madrid)