Mum-of-eight becomes a grandmother at 40 as eldest daughter gives birth


A 40-year-old mum-of-eight has become a grandmother, revealing her eldest daughter gave birth to a baby son.

Marie Buchan, from Selly Oak, Birmingham, today revealed that she has become a grandma to a little boy called Jayden.

The new gran added she is excited to see her family grow, reports Birmingham Live.

Speaking about her excitement, Marie, who has eight children between the ages of 10 and 22 and is raising them alone, said: “My oldest daughter who is 22 has just given birth to a lovely boy who she has named Jayden.

“Becoming a nan is amazing and the Buchan family grows. He is five weeks old now.

“It makes me feel old being a grandmother at the age of 40 but life passes so fast.”

The 40-year-old, who lives in a housing association property, recently revealed that she has turned to food banks in a desperate bid to survive the cost-of-living crisis due to her benefits cuts.

She has claimed her benefits have been cut by around £160 per week, as her two eldest children are now over the age of 16, saying: “It is a huge struggle for me. Two of my daughters are over the age of 16 now so I have had my benefits, like child benefits and tax credit, cut.

“I am around £160 per week worse off now. It is a struggle and I use food banks just to survive. I basically live on food banks at the moment.

“You have to do what you have to do to survive and I am so grateful that I can turn to them. They are a lifesaver for me and so so many other people.”

And earlier this year, Marie was subject to anonymous social media accounts trolling her .

The single mum who first hit headlines in 2016 when she appeared on the Channel 4 show Only Human has revealed she received dozens of messages in a week, with most being from twisted bullies hiding behind anonymous accounts.

Most of the abuse, she said, were comments about the fact she has eight children and is claiming benefits, telling her she is a “s***” and vile trolls saying they “hope she dies”.

Marie however said that while she is on benefits, she is currently actively looking for work and has been on several courses.

She has now called for the accounts to be banned, and revealed she had been the victim of online abuse by unknown commenters for years, saying: “Some of the abuse I receive is just vile.

“They call me a parasite, a s*** and they ‘hope I die soon’. Others say I’m a ‘scrounger’ and I’ve had threats of men coming to get me and ‘teach me a lesson’.

“It can be hell at times. I don’t know what people get out of being so horrible but they must just get sick kicks.”

She added that the horrendous online abuse is “very hard at times to read that stuff and horrible for the children as well.”

Marie said: “When you are feeling low it can really make you sink even lower.

“It has got to stop. People don’t understand the impact on someone who is in the limelight.

“I have contacted the police before due to the threats.”